Auto Background Changer For Gnome 3 - GUI OUT !

As i said as a test and learning experience on Gtk in my ongoing GSoC project i have created an app to automatically change the gnome 3 wallpaper .
Say hello to "wp-show"
Simply run The GUI App RUNME and you will be presented witha fully featured Gui to configure your slideshow.

Features :
  • Lets you choose the folder via a browser.
  • Lets you set the timeout in seconds.
  • Lets you chose depth of subdirectory .
  • You can enable or disable it with a single click .
  • Full-feature tooltips
Instructions :
  • git clone git://
  • run wp-show
  • You are ready to go
EDIT : Major Update :
  • Autostart Fixed
  • GUI completely revamped (more in-line with  HIG) 
  • defaults to /home
  • packaging cleanup all backup files placed in tools 
  • Top level executable 'RUNME' renamed to wp-show 
  • icon updated
  • icon for program now fixed