Auto Background Changer For Gnome 3

Gnome 3 is all nice and sexy but hay most of my old apps don't work anymore.
 One major app i miss is a wallpaper switcher . The major reason for this being the move in gnome from gconf to dconf. The way wallpapers et'al are handled has changed.

To mitigate this i have made a simple bash script to do the dirty work :
(Yes bash as this is the most efficient compared to python or so for this purpose and i am a fan of efficiency )
Currently its  a simple bash script later , as and when i get more time i will be creating a Gtk3 frontend to configure it , and adding more features .
For now use a folder containing only pictures or you might experience blank wallpapers in the middle :P

Instructions :

git clone git://
(follow the instructions)

EDIT : Now Supports Multiple Depth & automatically selects only wallpapers