Hello World

Yes first up ,You may wonder why "Hello World" ?

"Does this guy lack creativity ???"
"Not again !!!"
"Bah, just another one of those other million blogs in cyberspace that soon fade into oblivion""

 Why the hell is it Hello World ???

OK here goes, as a self professed computer geek it is just the way I am wired, every new language , every new  project every new first move on the "virtual-scape" for me began with with the good 'ol Hello World, Its become a part of my nature , its just ingrained in my DNA if you may . For this blog initially I had created a post "__init__(None):" ,now THAT would be too specific so I choose a universal truth of the tester. For those folks who couldn't give a shit, here goes in a more understandable dialect(s) :

Hello, Hallo , 您好, नमस्ते , مرحبا , Bonjour, привет, خوش آمدید 

Now you get the idea.

So I guess I have done more than my fill of saying hello, and should move on.
I am Dhananjay Sathe from Goa India , and this is my Blog .
I am a open source software enthusiast and developer. Currently I am working on The Samba-Gtk project as a student in the Google Summer Of Code 2011.
As of some of my interests , some of you must have figured its computers specifically  Gnu-Linux, programming , FOSS and so on and so forth.
I also love adventure sports , traveling and happen to be a major foodie . I love playing basketball & football and enjoy swimming. In fact Adventure Sports happens to be my passion #1.

As of why I created this blog ???
Damn right, when I had facebook / buzz / twitter all other n^n social networking sites to post about my self . Why in Gods name was this required ???
The answer is one word "FREEDOM" . In the digital world this is what I believe the corner stone that we have surrendered for paltry gains , and in the days to come I shall , prove it .
All those n^n platforms lock you into their Marshalled legions of a infinite clutter. where what you want to present to the world , what you want to convey is pushed to the background at the sake of the new "Chainsaw I snatched in Mafia Wars" , or some Missie in my friends list likes "Oh just shut up " , or I happen to like a particular group or activity and then my wall is filled with SPAM related to x^n^n people on that community and their likes . Not that I am not a fan of these necessities of the digital age but there is way too much clutter there for any creativity or thoughts to flow. Basically the message is lost in translation.

As for the the Title of the blog indicates what kind of person I am, and I proudly admit that well it just sums me up, and all due credit for that goes to my Dear Friend Jinx who came up with it .

So on this blog I'll i share my views and experiences , apart from a whole lot of Linux ,Ubuntu & arch tips tricks , custom scripts and tech writeups . Keep reading , stay in touch and voice your opinions .
Visit the About page to get in touch !

Adios .