Fresh Season , Fresh Start

 Off late, time has been elusive to say the least and this blog of our's has been relegated to the realm of obscurity.  All those thoughts, experiences and interesting things I intended to share with you a few years ago now remain faint memories. However as the cogs of time turn they have for sure been replaced by far more intriguing and developed avatars of which a few, I promise to share with you this time.

At first I was thinking of shutting down this blog and moving to the more famous and lucrative platforms such as Tumblr or Wordpress. When I saw the stat-counters and analytic figures (one of those shiny new features the folks at Mountain View have added )  I was myself surprised . 9700+ views on a dormant blog with just 4 articles !  Seems quite a few folk (~5950) have been visiting the article (here) on the wallpaper changer GUI , I  hacked up one lazy summer noon 2 years ago as a side hack during my first summer of code. So then the decision was taken to rebuild and revive this blog on these very foundations. In true holiday sweep the dust and frantic remains of time bygone and embrace the all that is new. It's time for a new splash of paint .

After a few hours of work and a whole lot of searching, copying & hacking here is the result. Google sure has don a lot of work, blogger seems way more complete and fits right into their entire integrated "emerald-sea"  vision, a lot of nifty changes and tools too have been added.The Blog now has a a whole new template, the old glassy theme had gotten too 90's for my liking. A new bunch of social widgets were of order ( hey there Google+ ). The new Disqus 2012 system was a pain to hack onto this highly customized blogger template given the numerous changes I had additionally made to it. I had no option but to switch to livefyre but that would mean loosing a lot of comments and valuable insights and history, so that sort of left me with no option. Witht the new 2012 system the real time advantage is now solved too.

A lot has changed , a lot more experiences to talk about , so much more learned . I guess it's about time this place came back to life. A new post will soon follow.

Till then, Adios.